Powder Puff 2014


Powder puff 2014 was anything but stereotypical girl-on-girl flag football game.


Going into this year’s powder puff game, the Pentucket girls weren’t expecting anything more than a tough loss to the most brutal team of girls at Triton High. Unexpectedly, the score was not as far apart as expected, as the Pentucket girls put a good fight to end with 33-24.
It’s a known fact that Triton High takes powder puff to a whole level, trying out various girls to weed out the best players, start practice before the school year even starts, and teach the girls to be as aggressive as possible.


In a way, the Pentucket girls didn’t feel like they were playing another girls team, but a team stacked. Not only were they physically brutal, but during the game they couldn’t even stop their words from assaulting us. “Girl footballs is a lot different than boy football because it’s way more personal,” said Ashley Magee.


The fact that the Triton girls told Pentucket that they were taking the game too seriously was the biggest shock of the day. What girl, ready to physically rip the other team apart, would ever say the other team was taking it too seriously? The Pentucket team, I might add, were all wearing matching pink socks, basically fulfilling the teen, suburban girl stereotype.


The aggression level for the Pentucket girls was minimal even as Triton illegally grabbed, hit, and tackled the Pentucket team. Flag football is meant to be noncontact, but obviously Triton didn’t get the memo.


In one case, Pentucket’s Kelsea Carlton was elbowed in the face, left with a bleeding lip and tongue.


Maddie Torrisi was also as unfortunate as Carlton, as she was trampled by the opposing team.


Even though Pentucket took a beating, the girls’ spirits did not falter. At the end of the game, even knowing a loss was inevitable, the girls stormed the field as a team. Nothing was better than the feeling of playing as a team, together for only two weeks, to finish off senior year.


A win would have been ideal, but when you get to play alongside girls you have been with throughout middle school and high school, you take pride in the fact that you just got to play the game.