Smile for the Cameras

When students and faculty returned to school after holiday break they were surprised to find installment of security cameras aimed at various parts of the school.

On Monday, January 5th, Pentucket’s student and faculty body returned to the school and to their surprise with new technology installed right into the walls of the halls they walk. All throughout the school, cameras are pointing towards the halls and bathroom doors, surveying those around.

Principal, Mr. Evans, explains “We’ve been thinking about installing cameras for a long time now, a few years to be exact.”  While Evans knows that the cameras mean a safer, more controllable school, not all are just as happy.

Students around the school question the need for these cameras.  Some feel as though that “they’re a bit creepy and a little bit intrusive.  I understand they’ll make it easier to find those who create issues through vandalism, but its creepy being watched all day,” junior, Josh Wildes, explains.

Understanding where the students come from, Evans acknowledges the discomfort of the kids but stands with his decision. “People really shouldn’t have a problem unless they have something to hide.  Overall it is to protect the 800 kids in the school as best as I can,” explains Evans.

Other adults also praise the new cameras. History teacher, Mr. Stevens, believes that it is “sadly necessary at this point after all that as happened. In another perspective, it is a bit bothering to know that there are cameras on us nearly at all times.  Even in the real world outside of school most of the time we are on camera.”

Senior, Owen Meyer, puts it in his own perspective stating “It’s kind of a big slap in the face to all the students like ‘you can have heat but we’re going install cameras because we don’t trust you’ you know.”

Regardless of all of the different opinions among the school, the cameras are going to be here to stay for a long time.