Parking Chaos At Pentucket

The beginning of Pentucket Regional High School’s year started off with a major parking catastrophe.

As some students from PRHS enter the new school year with the typical nerves and first day jitters, other come into school angry and parking on the grass.

With the Rocks Village Bridge still closed and the incoming juniors anxious for parking spots, tempers are running high at 7:35 a.m. in the school parking lot.

The main issue is there are not enough parking spots for juniors, seniors and faculty. What is the resolution? After interviewing students of both junior and senior classes many renditions of the same idea were given.

Following an interview with Josh Kemper, a senior driving to school from West Newbury, he made it clear that he is furious with the situation. “Every time I have had senior sign-in the same car is in my spot.”, “The whole system should start sooner.” Juniors eagerly awaiting their parking spots, that may in fact never come, are parking in seniors spots before they even arrive at school; causing a very hectic situation in the morning.

Parking is now the primary problem for many juniors. A common answer to the question: “Do you have any better ideas for a new system?” many replied the system should be in affect much sooner. Both juniors and seniors agree that the system should rely on seniors pick first then juniors.

Madeline Ammon, a junior driving to school from Merrimac, would also like to see the system start sooner.  An idea she had was, “The school should have the incoming seniors pick their parking spots at the end of the year and the incoming juniors pick their spots at the beginning of August.”

Where does PRHS go from here? Are the new parking spots coming to our school just a rumor? Is administration planning on improving this issue?

To answer the question of many, the new parking spots are hopefully soon to come. After an interview with Mr. Evans, assistant principle of PRHS, the “rumor” is very true. Efforts are being made every day by Mr. Evans and himself and other administrators. As of September 20th, 2013, two students from the waiting list had new parking spots.

Mr. Evans is working on new spots all around campus. This includes three new spots behind the gym, and on the grass behind the baseball dugout. “I spent a week looking for extra spots, and hopefully everyone will have that they need by the end of the year.” 20 to 30 spots have been located and will hopefully be given out in the near future.

Although the complaints on parking confusion are being heard and trying to be accommodated students must remind themselves that, juniors are not entitled to parking spots and it is a senior privilege.