PENNY #2: Dealing with Dishonest Friends



Dishonesty is something that lies beneath all of us, and often we find ourselves in the middle of it. With my experiences, addressing the situation as quickly as possible always solves issues easier. The way you talk about the situation is also super important. Try to avoid texting them, it always makes things more difficult. By texting you don’t really know how the other person feels and it’s easier to fake apologies and real feelings through a screen. Talking it out makes it so much easier and solves things much more quickly. Getting it over with is important because it doesn’t create unnecessary drama between the both of you and within the school by word of mouth. If the situation does escalate and get out of hand, maybe it’s time to consider the friendship, is it worth it? Sometimes sacrificing someone who has more negatives than positives is essential in moving forward as a person. We have all been in both sides of this situation, talk it out and be honest.


Till next time!