Xbox vs PS4

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Having trouble choosing which gaming console you want? This is the article for you, for a while now, people have controversy whether Xbox or PS4 is better than the other, and it has been an issue. Of course, if you do not have an Xbox or PS4, this article may not make any sense to you, but it may help give you insight on which gaming console you might want to buy. Most of the Xbox and PS4 consoles have different gaming platforms and appearances.

There is a reason why Xbox is one of the top gaming consoles worldwide. Xbox runs off of Microsoft and is also owned by Microsoft.  Microsoft is a huge enterprise that also runs windows for laptops. Sony is another enterprise that partners with Xbox. Sony makes games that can be played on Xbox, for kids and adults to enjoy. One quality about the Xbox that appeals to buyers is that the price is a lot cheaper than the PS4 pro, slim, and the regular PlayStation four. Although there are many people who have the Xbox 1, which is the original model of Xboxes before they came out with the Xbox 1s and the X. The Xbox 1’s are not sold in game shops anymore because there is no need to buy them if the newer models are out. When the Xbox one first came out, it cost $500, which is a lot, but the 1s that had recently come out are sold for $250 which is a reasonable price to pay for a gaming console. This year’s version of the Xbox is the One X which is the newest model and the best model to buy right at the moment. The One X runs smoother and faster than the previous Xboxes because Flex, the company who manufactures the Xbox has put more time and effort into creating this Xbox from past years of Xboxes. The Xbox One X is sold for $500 as well because it is a newer and better model. The prices change based on what type of console and how many gigabytes you are willing to buy, because some of the cheaper consoles that both PlayStation and Xbox make don’t have the same qualities as the newer versions.

PlayStation 4 is a competitor of Xbox because it is one of the top gaming consoles that is used worldwide. The gaming console has a lot of different features that set it apart from the Xbox. The controllers that are used are different because the PS4 controllers have the D-pad on the top left of the controller rather than on the bottom left of the Xbox. PS4 also has the joysticks parallel to each other on the controller instead of one being higher than the other, like the Xbox controllers. One last feature that the PS4 controller has that the Xbox controller does not, is the touchpad to allow the player to scroll through games and use it as a map. Although the  PS4 is more expensive, it runs on Microsoft and runs smoother and faster than the Xbox. The regular PS4 price is now $299, but when it first came out it was sold for $600, $100 more dollars than the Xbox one when it first came out. The PS4 pro is sold for $400, a little on the higher side but it is well worth it. The PS4 comes with the Ultra HD 4k picture which makes all of the games look very realistic and the quality is great. The pro holds 500 gigabytes of storage or 10-12 games. Sony came out with the PS4 slim which is a smaller model of the Pro but has the same functions as the pro. But the Xbox also has 500-gigabyte storage.

Both gaming consoles are the top of the line and either one of the gaming consoles would be a great gift for the holidays. The PS4 may have a few extra components that the Xbox does not have, but it brings up the price for those extra features. Both the PS4 and Xbox are overall great consoles and either one are suitable for your gaming needs. It is really just your preference if you like the Xbox or PS4 better.