What to Stream During Quarantine


(Photo Source: Pixabay.com)

Brynn McCarthy, Copy Editor

The abundance of free time, due to the coronavirus, is causing people to watch and recommend a handful of new TV shows and movies. 

Movie theaters are now closed, so people are turning to other platforms to stream their favorite content from home. Many people have been anticipating going to watch a movie they have seen advertised. Fortunately, people are still able to see movies that have recently been played in the theaters. 

AMC Theatres is now offering showings on demand available for rent or purchase. AMC has organized their movies by category, allowing spectators to easily choose a movie to watch for the fraction of the price of one movie ticket. 

Other streaming sources that people have been using include Netflix and Hulu. Many TV shows and movies have been recently released and viewed. People tend to have their own streaming preferences, but luckily there are great TV shows or movies to watch everywhere.


Here are some Movies to watch on AMC:

Queen & Slim- This movie stars Jodie Turner-Smith, playing Queen, and Daniel Kaluuya playing Slim. This movie hit theatres on November 27, 2019, and is now available for rent or purchase for at home viewing. The love story follows Queen, a lawyer, and Slim, a worker at Costco, who met on Tinder. The two are on a painfully awkward date, and as it nears the end Slim is driving Queen home. Slim then gets pulled over and is racially profiled by the police officer. The movie comments on the emotions many African American people feel towards law enforcement. It also shows a positive angle of portraying an African American police officer going against the “bad cop” stereotype. The actors give the spectators a very passionate and suspenseful story as the viewer watches the couple on their journey to freedom. 

The Invisible Man– Cecilia is in an abusive relationship with her husband, and works up the courage to leave him one night while he is asleep. She makes a not-so-smooth escape into her sister’s car, and successfully leaves her husband’s property. Her wealthy husband is then said to take his own life, and leave her with all of his money. Following her new fortune, a series of life changing events happen, which leads to her to be jobless and resented by family and friends. She then has to prove to her family that the life threatening events are not a coincidence, but the result of her being tormented by an invisible man. 


Some popular shows on Netflix currently:

Tiger King– A seven episode documentary based on Joe Exotic, zookeeper of the G. W. Zoo in Oklahoma, shows how he gets involved in conflicts with other big cat owners. The exotic animal business is explored, as well as many of the people involved. This is not the average animal documentary, as it involves alleged cults, drug lords, and scandals. The series heavily focuses on the animal rights activist Carole Baskin, and the many conflicts she has with Joe. The two get involved in many scandals, including a murder for hire. This series is sure to leave the spectator on edge after every single episode. 

Ozark- This three season show is sure to keep any spectators entertained for a good amount of time. To the eye, the Byrdes come off as the average family of four from Chicago. Marty is a financial advisor, but also the number one money launderer for one of the largest drug cartels in Mexico. Things quickly go south, forcing the Byrdes to leave Chicago and head to the Missouri Ozarks. 


Interesting streaming options on Hulu:

A Quiet Place– The intense horror film follows a family of five in a post-apocalyptic world. The title holds value throughout the movie, as the family is seen being silent and tiptoeing everywhere they go. They communicate by using sign language, which they appear to know because of their deaf daughter. The spectator is on edge fearing that one of the children will make noise, as it is anticipated that something bad will happen when noise is made. Sure enough, one of the children finds a toy that makes a noise, putting all of their lives in danger. Viewers need to use their mind and pay attention throughout the film in order to follow the plot, as a large portion of the film shows the family making all efforts to remain silent. 

Looking For Alaska– In this series, a boy decides to take a break from his parents and life in Florida and goes to a boarding school. Miles, the main character, wants to find his “great perhaps” as he calls it, meaning his purpose. At the school, Mike meets Chip, also known as The Colonel, who is one of the students. Miles meets friends of Chip’s, including Alaska. Alaska is a very unique girl who loves reading books. She has a whole collection called her “life’s library.” Throughout the show, these three and others, engage in prank wars against other students and go to school, among other things. There are a few somber twists, but ultimately they have an interesting high school experience. Although there are some happy moments, the ending has a dark twist that most viewers are not prepared for. 


Whether you are looking to watch a new movie with your family or invest time into a new series, there are plenty of options to watch, and many ways to stream.