The Boston Celtics and their Uncertain Future for Next Season


(Photo Source: Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Max MacDonald, Writer

The Boston Celtics have themselves in a very tough situation. They didn’t have to put themselves in the situation they did, but the Celtics got stuck playing arguably the best team in the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets, during the first round. Now they need a lot of roster work and are without a head coach going into next season.


During the second half of the regular season, The Celtics absolutely fell apart and lost to some really bad teams. It seemed as if they had given up during a lot of games or so during the last month of the regular season, losing to teams such as the Cavaliers twice and the Bulls twice in three days. 


They didn’t play as a team and got what they deserved; the seventh seed. The Celtics were comfortably going back and forth between the fourth and fifth seed for the majority of the year, but things seemed to fall apart after the trade deadline. They had this fourth or fifth seed pretty much locked if they continued to play the way they had been, but things changed quickly.


During trade deadline week, the Celtics lost center Daniel Thies, which proved to be a significant loss for the team. They added Evan Fournier from Orlando but he’s been struggling in just about every game he’s played in a Boston uniform. I can count the amount of games that Fournier has actually “come to play” on one hand. His performance had been pretty bad up until the playoffs.


The Celtics were dominated in both games one and two of the series with Brooklyn. The Celtics turned things around by winning game 3 in Boston. Fournier heavily contributed offensively along with Jayson Tatum’s 50 point game. 


Games 4 and 5 looked pretty similar to the first two games of the series. The Celtics would keep it close up until the half and then let the Nets go on an 18-3 run in the 3rd quarter. Playing from that far behind in the fourth quarter to the Nets is impossible.


It was sad watching the Celtics lose in the first round, but it’s what they deserved. It’s not at all what I expected at the beginning of the season. 55 games into the season and Celtics fans could tell their playoff run would end very quickly.


Next year’s season is gonna be interesting for the Celtics. I have no clue what the team is going to look like roster-wise and coaching-wise. Last week, Danny Ainge resigned as the general manager, being replaced by head coach Brad Stevens took his place as general manager, and now the Celtics are without a coach.

(Photo Source: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

It was announced yesterday on June 9th that Kemba Walker and the Celtics will look to part ways this summer. Kemba and the Celtics front office aren’t on good terms, as Kemba isn’t happy that the Celtics tried trading him. He feels like he isn’t wanted anymore, and his future with the team is looking a little shaky.


This means that the Celtics will likely make a trade for a different point guard. Rumor has it that the Celtics front office is interested in Portland’s All-Star point guard, Damian Lillard. I don’t see this happening as Damian Lillard would be very expensive and we’d probably have to give up Jaylen Brown and possibly Marcus Smart. 


I have no clue who’s going to be coaching the Celtics next season. It was rumored that former Celtics legend and Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett would be coach, but he has since turned down these rumors. It’s also rumored that NBA Hall of Famer Jason Kidd will coach but nothing is confirmed.


Next season is going to look different for the Celtics as they will have a new coach and most likely new players. There might even be some players leaving Boston which will be sad. I hope the Celtics gain chemistry in the off-season and I can’t wait to see how they turn out next year.