Pentucket In Pictures: An Ode to Pentucket Golf

Hannah Linehan, Editor in Chief

A hidden gem of our Pentucket community: the golf team.

Many hear Fall sports and immediately think of football or soccer, but, one of our teams that deserves some extra love is the golf team. The 13-member team has always been pretty small, but that does not limit their abilities- as individuals, as well as a team.


The 2021 captains are Ava Spencer and James Valerie. Each have been playing since they were little kids and have been members of the team since their freshmen year.


Spencer has had a knack for the sport ever since she could hold a club. She has earned “Team All-Conference” status, has played 3rd at the New England Women’s Golf Association Championship, and has placed first at the NEPGA Elite Tour in the Girls division. She is a two-time captain, as she held this position as a junior and senior. She has been the team’s number one golfer for four years in a row, and has been the only, or one of only two girls on the team. Spencer is truly the glue that holds the team together and brings high levels of both intensity and excitement.



Spencer earned the title of 2021 First-Team All-Star. Sophomore Nick Kutcher also dominated this year, being named 2021 Second-Team All-Star. Spencer (1) and Kutcher (2) teamed up to be the first and second spots on the Varsity roster for the season.


















Coming in at spot number three is captain James Valerie. His pair was number four, Ethan Davey. These two seniors have dedicated many years to golf and helped the team secure a crucial win over Amesbury.


















Spot number five went to an at-first unassuming freshman, but one who proved to be a strong asset to the team- Tanner Kamuda. Kamuda may be small in stature, but his swing is pretty darn powerful. Partnered with Kamuda is senior Owen Raftery with the sixth spot. Raftery never though much of sports, but as he began to play golf for fun, he discovered quite the hidden talent. This has been Raftery’s first year on the team, but he has certaintly made the most of it!






















Rounding off the 2021 Varsity team is sophomore Ayden Silva who secured spot number seven. Silva was paired with both Michael Bochman and Dignan Jaslowich, as the two seniors alternated filling the eieth spot for this season. Jaslowich has played golf for many years and has enjoyed being a part of the team. Bochman has just joined golf this year, but showed immense improvements as the season progressed.





























This years seniors have been one of the most tight-knit groups the golf team has ever known. We are all so proud of the hardwork, patience, energy, and dedication these student-athletes have put into their favorite sport- it shows.



The golf captains and Pentucket community would like to congradulate all members of the 2021 team and wish them luck in their futures. Whether members still have many years on the team ahead of themselves, or are off to college, we want to thank all our golfers for their determinationan and great representation of our school!