NYC Field Trip

NYC Field Trip

Max Masterson, Writer/Photographer

On December 17th, Pentucket’s public safety 3 class, and west newbury’s fire department visited New York Cityś 9/11 memorial and museum.  At 4am on saturday, we all boarded the bus and took a 7 hour trek through a rainy blizzard into the city. Although weather conditions could’ve been better, the trip was an eye opening and interesting experience. We started the day the the museum, where no cameras were allowed inside, and then made our way uptown over to times square.

One world trade center, the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

A rose sits in a name in the south pool memorial in memoriam of a victim’s birthday.

A guard stands at the exit of the museum in the rain.

Snowblowers clean the north pool, closed for the day due to weather.

Front of the museum, right by the entrance.

More guards stand outside, greeting those going inside the museum.

Two steel beams from the original twin towers stand inside the entrance with various flags hanging.

Our tickets to get into the museum.

A man and his family look at names of the victims on the south pool.

Memorial guides outside the museum allow civilians to look up names of all the victims

Security stands outside the north pool, making sure to bystanders cross security points.

Everyone on the field trip waits outside the museum for their tickets to get inside

More guards stand outside the exit.

More guards

From left to right: Ashley Riter, Kelley Smith, Julia Santos

From left to right: Julia Santos, Jessica Castonguay, Kelley Smith, Ashley Riter, Meghan O’hearn

Julia Santos